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1)  Obey all adult supervisors' instructions.
2)  Use the equipment for its intended purpose (i.e., hula hoops are meant to be used around your waist, not your neck; jump ropes are meant to be swung by one handle).
3)  Include others in your play.
4)  Return each piece of equipment back to the rolling cart after you are finished with it.

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Parent Resources

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 Part of the students' commitment to exercise means exercising when they're away from school as well.

For more ideas click on the link to the left to get a RuskinFIT Calendar of activities from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)

We have joined the from the Santa Clara County Office of Education and we hope that you support our mission, for more information ont he Fit for Learning initiative click the logo.

To get a Parent's Guide click on the language: