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K-Kids is the youngest and fastest growing service organization for elementary students worldwide. Ruskin K-Kids is a "student-led" community-service organization, which operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body. Ruskin K-Kids is unique because it's sponsored by a local Kiwanis club, composed of leading business and professional people of the community. Teacher Leticia Perez is in charge of guiding  Ruskin's

K-Kids is comprised of lower-primary students.

                The K-Kids' pledge:
                "As a K-Kid, I promise to serve my neighborhood and my school;
                I will show respect toward my environment; and
                I will try to make the world a better place in which to live."

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Through service and spirit, Student Leadership is dedicated to helping our Ruskin community and beyond, and to making Ruskin a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Leadership students are Teacher's Helpers, Library Helpers, Garden Helpers, and RuskinFIT Volunteers. Some of the tasks they perform are:
  • Assist with recycling and campus cleanup
  • Vote and create posters for Spirit Days
  • Help with Pennies for Patients
  • Create and distribute Valentines to the whole school
  • Lead the school in the Flag Pole Salute during Monday Morning Flag Pole
  • Participate in school productions about character building and conflict resolution
Above all, Leadership students strive to be good role models for their fellow Ruskin Roadrunners!

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Safety Patrol students are responsible for helping parents and students get to and from school in a safe manner. Working with a Ruskin staff member, students show up for their jobs about 15 minutes before the bell rings and take different positions in the crosswalks to help community members cross the roads safely. Students are asked to work in any and all weather conditions and both before and after school.

A majority of the Safety Patrol students are 5th graders. Some 4th graders are trained when the 5th graders leave for Science Camp and at the end of the school year (in preparation for the beginning of the next school year).

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Fifth grade students at Ruskin participate in a five-day science school program. The weeklong program is held at the Walden West Science Center in Saratoga, CA. Walden West's science program emphasizes learning by doing through California State Science Standards-based curriculum. Students participate in hands-on, intensive studies in the areas of animal habitat, ecosystems, and plant identification, while building social skills and enhancing responsibility through the use of cabin groups. Students and teachers live on site and eat meals together in a family style atmosphere.
Science Camp is only for 5th graders.

If you would like to sponsor a student or make a donation to the
Nancy Perrel Memorial Science Camp Scholarship fund, please contact Ruskin at (408) 923-1950.