Brilliant Bunnies' Birthdays

If parents would like to bring birthday treats or favors to our class for your child 's birthday celebration, please let me know in advance. We are promoting healthy ways of living. It's highly recommend that parents bring individual ready to serve portions of healthy snacks such as fresh or dried fruits, cookies, and juices. You can also give our class a gift of reading by sharing or donating your child's favorite book. We usually celebrate before the first recess at 9:10. If you aren't able to attend, you are welcome to send in treats with your child in the morning. Birthday treats are completely optional.

Benjamin 1/4
Layah 1/28
Emily 02/16
Annie 04/02
Brody 4/15
David 04/20
Sumuk 4/27
Kira 4/28
Sheldon 05/15
Alexander 5/29
Kayli 6/28
Jaiden 7/17
Carissa 7/22
Olivia 7/22
Nathan 8/5
Brian 8/21
Edwin 8/23
Lena 10/07
Nina 11/08
Andre 11/19
Huy 11/22
Chau 12/05
Prahalya 12/14
Alan 12/19
Anaiya 12/27
Ms. Pham 11/8 

Last Modified on 10/8/2011 4:08:27 PM