Homework (2nd)

       It is beneficial for your child to have a designated place to study. The quiet study area should be equipped with pencils, erasers, scissors, crayons, glue, and good lighting. The weekly and daily homework assignments reinforce the concepts and skills that we are learning in class. Weekly homework assignments are sent home on the first day of the week and due by the last day of the week. Daily  homework is sent home daily and due the next day.
       A weekly spelling test will be given on the last day of the week, Friday or Thursday(if Friday is a holiday). The spelling list goes home on Monday or Tuesday (if Monday is a holiday).  Students are tested on both words and sentences. Correct capitalization, punctuation, and legible handwriting (D'Nealian Manuscript printing) is expected.
Under copyright law, I am unable to upload all of the homework pages on to our website. If your child is missing these copyright pages, please see me.
inserts in homework folders
homework assignment sheet   Spelling list
clock + reading log
 Wordly Wise Flash cards with pictures
daily language
 Wordly Wise flash cards
math workbook (copyright) Thinkcentral 
L.A: proofreading fairy tales (copyright)

  •  turn in: (staple in this order) - math, proofreading   
math workbook (copyright) Thinkcentral 
math worksheet (copyright)  

  •  turn in:  (staple in this order)- math workbook, math worksheet
math workbook (copyright) Thinkcentral 

reading comprehension (copyright)
  •  turn in: math, reading comprehension(don't staple)
math workbook (copyright) Thinkcentral 
  •  turn in:
  • (staple in this order) - Weekly Homework Assignment sheet, daily language, math,  
  •  (don't staple these sheets to the package) - reading log & clock, penmanship