Randy's Open Letter to Ruskin Staff and Community

Open Letter to the Ruskin Staff and Community:

During my 13 years in the Berryessa Union School District, I've come to the realization that teaching is a "team sport."  There are many creative, dedicated, and generous teachers here in Berryessa and Ruskin is no different.  I am very blessed by God to be surrounded by such a great team at Ruskin.

This recognition is more of a reflection of the quality of people who I work and live with than my own efforts.  Everything that I've been a part of has been done in collaboration, rather than as an individual effort.

I would like to acknowledge my Kinder team members: Mrs. Coan, Mrs. Beltran, Mrs. Choi, and Mrs. Dawson.  We would like to thank the district for acknowledging the important roles that Kindergarten teachers have in the lives of young children.

I thank our principal, Nora Ho, for giving us the freedom to create new programs, like RuskinFIT, that benefit all students and for introducing us to new teaching practices.

Finally, I want to thank the entire Ruskin community, especially my students and their families, for always making me feel like a teacher of the year!  What we say in the classroom is true, "When we work together...we really do our best work!"
Thank you all for your support,