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The School Site Council (SSC) is made up of parents, community members, and school staff. It meets at the school once a month in the evening for about 1.5 hours. Its primary function is to carry out the legislative requirements of a school site council, which include:

  • Develop and approve the School Site Plan, a comprehensive plan designated to improve the effectiveness of the school program
  • Allocate funds for School Improvement (SIP) and Economic Impact Aid/Limited English Proficiency (EIA/LEP)
  • Advise on other compensatory/categorical education funds that the school receives
  • Annually review the School Site Plan, establish a new budget, and if necessary, make other modifications in the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities
  • Recommend the approval of the revised School Site Plan to the District Governing Board
  • Meet on a regular basis to share information, discuss needs and successes, and plan program improvements
  • Participate as necessary in Coordinate Compliance Reviews (CCR)
  • Develop systems for ongoing communication with parents, community members, the school staff, and the District (each elected member serves a two-year term)


Being a member of the SSC is a great opportunity to become involved in a meaningful way with your child's school! 

School Site Council Members (2017-18):      

 Linda Aquino  Lynne Burns
 Jeanette DeHonestis  Nancy Foster
 Ron Farrey  Carolyn Manan
 Christine He  Thomas Macdonald
 Kelly Le  Virginia Pender
 Ning Li
 Dominique Martin
 Zoila Ruiz  
 Lucrece Tom  

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2016-17 School Year
  • AGENDA:  September 2016
  • MINUTES:  September 2016
  • AGENDA:  October 2016
  • MINUTES:  October 2016
  • AGENDA:  November 2016
  • MINUTES:  November 2016
  • AGENDA:  December 2016
  • MINUTES:  December 2016
  • AGENDA:  January 2017
  • MINUTES:  January 2017
  • AGENDA:  February 2017
  • MINUTES:  February 2017
  • AGENDA:  March 2017
  • MINUTES:  March 2017
  • AGENDA:  April 2017
  • MINUTES:  April 2017
  • AGENDA:  May 2017
  • MINUTES:  May 2017