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First Grade

Teachers:  Julia Muñoz-Gonzalez, Randy Lee, Brandi Murray

The first grade Houghton Mifflin Literacy series, focuses on the students' ability to read with fluency, using phonic, syllabication and word parts to translate letter patterns. First grade writing focuses on creating logical thought and clear expression, with the use of proper grammar and punctuation.  Santillana Intensive English is used for English Language Development, which develops oral language. For those students who do not need ELD, an extensive writing program is provided.
Harcourt Math is used and utilizes numerous manipulatives to teach math concepts in a concrete way. Problem solving skills are taught throughout the year.
The Science Lab provides hand-on experiments and activities to support the classroom science program. Students go to the library media center once a week, where they learn about different kinds of literature, and research skills. The physical education program teaches students fundamental skills they will need in movement exploration, agility, co-ordination, and game skills.
The children learn about the community, cultural celebrations and how people get along in the world. The first grade program is rigorous and geared to provide students with the skills they will need to succeed in the following grades.

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