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Ruskin Elementary School

Ruskin Elementary School

Second Grade

If second graders Were in Charge of the World..." We would have pizza everyday for lunch; there would be no dentist appointments, and every recess would last for three hours!"
Second graders have a vivid imagination which is sometimes beyond our scope! We love tapping into their imaginations and individual personalities to make learning a meaningful experience.

Our Houghton Mifflin reading series focuses on the students' ability to read with fluency, using phonic, syllabication and word parts to translate letter patterns.  Second grade writing focuses on creating logical thought and clear expression, with the use of proper grammar and punctuation. We employ Harcourt Math and other supplementary materials into our Mathematics curriculum that allows students to use math in their everyday lives. Our signature unit includes a mammal report and presentation, followed by our bat unit; which includes a live bat presentation.  Other units of interest include heat and light energy, sound, plants, and Earth Science.

Among our many exciting travels, we explore places such as the Coyote Point, Discovery and Tech Museums, and downtown Christmas in the Park.    

 The second grade students are given the opportunity to build a strong foundation in the core subject areas while developing a stronger sense of community and self-awareness. Students grow in their ability to show responsibility and learn to be a more independent individual.  We are so proud of our Ruskin second graders!