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Ruskin Helps Set a Guinness World Record and Gets a Visit from Dean Karnazes
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Ruskin Students Help Set a Guinness World Record!
Ruskin Elementary's students participated in a California Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) event, which was in partnership with Jamba Juice and supported by the American Heart Association and California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, to officially hold the Guinness World Record for the "Most People Skipping Rope (multiple locations)"!

It was a fun-filled day that started off with some stretching exercises with Mr. Garcia, live stream of the students jumping via UStream, judging by local dignitaries, and participation from teachers, staff, and community members. Finally, it all culminated with all-fruit smoothies, courtesy of Jamba Juice! Including Ruskin students, exactly 70,880 participants from 294 schools helped to set the new record!
Ruskin Students Witnessed History in the Making and Then Made a Little Bit of History of Their Own!
Students welcomed author and ultra-marathoner, Mr. Dean Karnazes to their campus. Mr. Karnazes is best known for completing 50 marathons, in all 50 states, in 50 consecutive days!

Mr. Karnazes literally ran through this North San Jose School. He is on a mission to run to all 21 California Missions, beginning in Sonoma County and completing his epic journey in San Diego!  He plans to log the entire 700 miles in just 12 days by running an average of more than 50 miles each day.

Mr. Karnazes inspired the K-5 grade students to be physically fit and eat properly. At the conclusion of his presentation, he fielded questions from the students.  At one point, a student asked if she could run with him! He obliged and invited the entire 650 students and teachers to run one lap around the playground! Never in the history of the school had such a run been done.

Karnazes's visit comes at a time when Ruskin is competing against other schools in the CA Governor's Challenge. Governor Schwarzenegger's challenge to all school-aged children is to exercise for at least 30-60 minutes, three times a week.  These students will always remember "Mr. Dean," not so much for what he has accomplished in the world of endurance running, but rather, the impact that he made when he took the time, to stop his run, and spend a brief 30 minutes to talk and run with them.


Photo credits: Mr. Gary Wong and Mr. Fred Diep
A man power walking with students
Students jogging
A PE teacher giving a thumbs up to a group of students