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Ruskin Elementary School

Ruskin Elementary School

California department of education

The DELAC [ District English Learner Advisory Committee]  is a district-level advisory committee made up of representatives from each school's ELAC. One parent or guardian member from each school's ELAC is elected to serve as the site's DELAC representative.
The DELAC's role is to advise the district governing board on programs and services for English Learner students. These committee meetings also serve as a forum for parents to discuss issues and voice concerns, as well as for the English Learner Specialist to share information about things happening in the district. The president of the DELAC also approves and signs the Consolidated Application.
There shall be a minimum of 4 DELAC Meetings during the school year.
Under state law, the DELAC has responsibility to advise and assist the program administrator and local board of education on the input and approval of the district's EL Master Plan; EL program goals and objectives; the content and procedures for conducting a district wide needs assessment on a school-by-school basis; the procedures used by the district to reclassify EL and written notificatins sent to parents pursuant to Education Code Section 48985 and Title 5, CCR, Subchapter 4, section11316

Board Policy 1223

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District English Learner's Advisory Committee (DELAC) The Superintendent shall establish a District English Learner's Advisory Committee (DELAC) for English Learners to plan, implement and evaluate the English Learner's Program. The English Learner's Masterplan, Section 8b, states, "Whenever there are 51 or more English Learners in a district, there is a functioning district English Learner's Advisory Committee or subcommittee".

(Castaneda v. Pickard, 648 F.2d989, 1010-1013)

The Superintendent, or his/her designee, shall develop administrative guidelines to ensure that the intent of this policy is implemented.

Legal Reference:

Education Code, Section 52162

Education Code, Section 52176


Adopted: December 9, 1976

Revised Policy

Adopted: December 14, 1982

Revised Policy

Adopted: June 17, 2003