Staff Directory

Principal:  Virginia Pender   Secretary:  Kailyn Higashi       Office Clerk: Melani Montez
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Elisa Lee (I.A.)
First Grade
Alice Wang (1/2)

Second Grade
Alice Wang (1/2)
Third Grade
Lynne Burns
Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade
Special Day Class 3,4,5
Megan Evans-Wilson
Christie Chan (I.A.)

Resource Specialist
Bea Gonzalez
Michelle Van Graafeiland (I.A.)
Speech Therapist
Kristin Jackson
Natasha Gillespie (S.L.P.A.)
Maria Vera
Linda Clements
Yu-Ting Wang

Physical Education (4/5)
Social Worker
Day Custodian
Homero Paulet
Night Custodian
Ubaldo Coria
Kitchen Personnel
I.A. = Instructional Aide S.L.P.A. = Speech Language Pathologist Aide